Life coaching

If you need to move on from chronic stress, resentment, anxiety or depression or just want to kick start a more inspiring life then our coaching service is designed for you (coaching is offered at the retreat at an additional charge).

Life coaching is a great addition to your life makeover retreat. Although there is no guarantee of specific results, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and other techniques are aimed to help you understand and release conflict, limiting beliefs or difficult emotional issues and help you to get clarity on how to move forward.

We utilise The DeMartini Method ® where appropriate to help bring balance to the awareness of the mind, helping to reduce emotional mood swings and dissolve grief, fear and shame.

An inspired life really means designing a life based upon your values or what’s important to you. Often we find guests feeling “stuck” or uninspired because of obligations and debts they feel to others. Our coaching sessions can help to dissolve any illusions of disempowerment and provide the courage to take important steps forward in your life.

Our life coaching retreat sessions provide guests with the insight, and resources necessary to move towards a state of forgiveness, gratitude and inspiration. Every life coaching retreat session is different as every guest is different! They are complimented by our wide range of workshops.

Life coaches

We currently have one full time life coach at La Crisalida available for personalised coaching sessions, John.

  • Headshot of John Brant - Retreat Founder at La Crisalida Retreats

    John Brant

    John is an author, speaker and transformational coach. He oversees the retreats, as well as often leading life makeover workshops, meditation, walking, and if you are lucky, rebounding! John worked in a high pressure career as an Actuary before making significant changes in lifestyle culminating in his move to Spain. He is a master trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and is also qualified in hypnosis, life coaching and the DeMartini Method. John is passionate about helping others to find their own inspired path.

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Common life coaching questions

  • Q.

    How long do the life coaching retreat sessions last?


    Most sessions last around 90 minutes.

  • Q.

    Will one coaching session be enough?


    Most guests find that they resolve their issues within one session. Occasionally two sessions are required and on rare occasions (where we are dealing with particularly complex issues) more session are required.

  • Q.

    Do the workshops cover the same ground as the coaching?


    The themes covered in the life coaching complement the workshops, however the coaching sessions are personalised to go much deeper to resolve complex personal issues.


  • Q.

    What happens in a life coaching session?


    Typically a session with start with determining a successful outcome. For example the coach will ask what would be a great result by the end of the session. The coach will then explore the issues with the client through a combination of open and penetrating questions. Open questions help explore the possibilities and penetrating questions help get to the real or underlying problem and understand the deeper patterns. Once the coach gets to the deeper cause of the issues at hand and identifies the emotional links a solution can be found. The coach may also explore how the issues have arisen in the past and how they are currently a problem for the guest. Sessions normally end with one or two intervention techniques to allow the client to dissolve their underlying problems. The guest will leave a coaching session with a much deeper understanding of their issues and a fresh and positive outlook.

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