Try our brain-boosting broccoli juice recipe, Broccoli Power

By Lisa Brant | 14th March 2019
Broccoli juice on a place mat with lemom, apple, broccoli and cauliflower next to the juice

We are delighted to share our lovely broccoli juice recipe – Broccoli Power!

Broccoli is a great vegetable to include in your diet for brain health, in particular it can help with improved memory and concentration. This is due to it´s high content of antioxidants (in particular vitamin C), lots of B-vitamins plus Vitamin K. Read more about how broccoli and other elements in your diet can boost your brain power in this month´s article: improve your diet, improve your brain health.

Juicing tip! If you are cooking dinner and serve the broccoli florets, save the broccoli stem to add to your juice. Store in an airtight container in your fridge and pop into any juice to enjoy the health benefits of this super veggie!

Broccoli is one of those vegetables that have so much nutrition that we love to include them in a variety of dishes. In our January 2018 article broccoli was in our top 5 items to include in a detox.

This recipe is low in calories, so works really well if you are following a calorie-controlled diet to reduce your weight.

Broccoli Power: broccoli juice recipe

Serves: 1
Calories: 153


3cm broccoli stem
2 florets of cauliflower
1 apple
½ large courgette
2cm unwaxed lemon


Give all the vegetables and fruit a really good wash beneath cold running water. Remember to remove the outer skin from the lemon if you are using a waxed variety. Put all the ingredients through your juicer.

Wash your juicer and enjoy your juice!

Increase your vegetables: no fruit broccoli juice option

If you prefer to enjoy a no-fruit version of this juice, you can swap out the apple and replace with carrots and/or the rest of the courgette. Using carrots will bring a little more sweetness to the juice, so it might make it easier to drink. Broccoli and cauliflower can have quite a strong taste, which can take some getting used to!


3cm broccoli stem
2 florets of cauliflower
2 carrots
1 large courgette
2cm lemon

Juice detox retreat

If you want to try this juice or any of the juices on our blog then come and try a juice detox retreat here at La Crisalida Retreats. You can also choose to enjoy a combination of food and juice, as we offer you the choice for your whole stay. Every day you can choose if you want to enjoy a juice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Read more about juicing and the health benefits of juicing here.

Headshot of Lisa Brant - Founder of La Crisalida Retreats
Lisa Brant

Lisa has been working in the field of health for over twenty years, first as an epidemiologist and now following a more alternative route! She is a therapeutic hatha and yin yoga teacher and also teaches mindfulness meditation. Lisa is a nutritionist so designs all our menus, as well as running the retreats. She is also qualified in NLP and hypnosis. Over the years Lisa has overcome her own health challenges with severe endometriosis and is happy to share her story.

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