20 tried and tested ways to clear mind clutter

By John Brant | 18th January 2017
20 ways to clear the mind clutter through Life makeover retreats

Sometimes our minds can have a mind of their own! Any time you are stressed, or feeling out of control of your life, you will probably recognize the potential for your mind can start racing and go into seemingly endless cycles of repetition, highlighting all the things that are wrong or could go wrong. We can also get into cycles of moans and groans too! For the purposes of this article, all this “negativity” we are going to call mind clutter.

If you think your mind is your super intelligence and always helpful, talk into a tape for 10 minutes everything that comes up in your mind. We repeat mindlessly, we distort, we worry about things that might be, we inflate things, we reminisce, we resent things, we jump around from subject to subject indiscriminately…. Observe your mind and have a good chuckle – it’s a good reminder to not take life so seriously. For the purposes of this article, all this distracting mindless noise we are also going to call mind clutter.

January is a great time of year to clear out clutter in all areas of your life. So, in this article we highlight some of the ways we have found at our retreat centre in Spain for letting go of mind clutter. Have a look through the list and pick out a few that attract you, give them a go:

  1. Slow down. Take time to stop and contemplate and pull your thoughts together. You’ll be amazed how you can get into the flow and become much more effective when you slow down.
  2. Spend time in nature, doing activities you love. Mind chatter and clutter results from excess energy so use your energy for better use!
  3. Stop working to other people’s agendas and priorities. Make a pact to listen to your own agenda and priorities more – the mind will settle and clarity will come.
  4. Write a list. Make it a habit to write things down so you don’t have to carry it around in your head. You’ll be amazed at the relief you feel.
  5. Try a digital detox. Disengage from your phone for a day. Put your “out of office” on to ignore your emails, sit back, relax and watch the mind clutter clear itself.
  6. Take up meditation. Try meditation techniques like a mindfulness technique. Click here for one of our previous articles on this technique.
  7. Ask incisive questions. For example, the answer to the simple question “how do you know it’s a problem?” or “what’s the real problem here?” can help to unravel confusion quickly.
  8. Find the cause of your problems. Many of us work at the symptom level or manifestation of the problem without considering situations more objectively. Understanding the causes of a problem is finding the root. Finding the root normally helps the problem to dissolve.
  9. Focus on the solution, not the problem. There is a time to focus on the problem, but save more of your time, energy and focus for the solution.
  10. Ask yourself the question: If I had one day left in my life what would I do? This is one of the best questions to ask if you feel conflicted and need to know what’s important to you.
  11. Take up yoga. Anything that gets you more centred in your body will give you poise and allow you to connect to your heart. Connecting with your heart is one of the best ways of clearing the clutter.
  12. Have a night out. Sometimes we just need to let our hair down, blow off the cobwebs and enjoy life with your friends.
  13. Treat yourself to a juice. If you replace a heavy meal or bread with a juice you will be amazed how much better you feel which automatically starts to dissolve mind clutter.
  14. Do some rebounding! Rebounding gets your lymphatic system moving. Anything that helps to remove physical toxins will help with the mental toxins too!
  15. Write a list of everything you’re grateful for. It’s impossible to have too much clutter in your mind when you’re in a state of gratitude.
  16. Tell your partner that you love them. Open your heart and the clutter will mysteriously vanish.
  17. Become clear about what you want. Be honest with yourself and chose to believe in yourself. No one else will believe in you unless you believe in yourself first!
  18. Watch a tear jerker movie. Tears from moving moments can wash away our clutter like no other.
  19. Take time to yourself. If you’ve got into too many routines chose to do something completely different. Take a day out by yourself and explore somewhere new.
  20. Book a health and wellbeing retreat! There’s nothing like eating well and relaxing and we’re always ready and waiting to take your call at our retreat centre in Spain.

At La Crisalida Retreats we run holistic programs all year around aimed to help guests relax and rejuvenate, detox the mind, body and spirit or plan for a life makeover. At La Crisalida you can come and go on days that suit you as our retreats do not start on a specific day. We take away all hassle, with free transfers from Alicante airport and an affordable all inclusive package.

We hope that you find a few ideas here that make a real difference for you any time you need to clear out the mind clutter. Read more about our life makeover retreats here.

Headshot of John Brant - Retreat Founder at La Crisalida Retreats
John Brant

John is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. He leads our life makeover programme as well as overseeing the retreats.

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