Healthy Weight Loss Package

Our weight loss package is back with more flexibility and packed with loads more tools and added extras to help you start 2020 feeling healthy and supported on your weight loss journey.  Begin the new year as you mean to continue with a truly active week filled with healthy weight loss advice, guidance and strategies. The healthy weight loss package is available from January to March 2020 and is focused on helping you to lose weight, in a healthy way and at the same time giving you great value for money with savings of up t0 143€ on the weight loss bundle! We will provide you with extra support both while at the retreat and for when you get home with even more education and additional sessions to set you up for success.

La Crisalida Retreats’ healthy weight loss package is available between Tuesday 7th January until 31st March 2020 inclusive with a flexible day of arrival.

We believe healthy weight loss comes from making longer-term changes to your lifestyle. The activities and the inclusions in the package are aimed at getting you started on some of these changes while you’re here at the retreat which you can then continue and incorporate into your routine after you return home.   In addition to weight loss you might also experience a reduction in your blood pressure, as your body starts to relax.

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Lose weight, in a healthy way

Many areas of your life including what you eat, what you do and how you think are integral to helping you lose weight and reach your optimal weight.  The healthy weight loss package will give you the boost you need to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

One on one support

Within 24 hours of arrival, you will have a personal session with one of our programme team who will also undertake a session where we look at a snapshot of your physical health.  This session is a useful tool in supporting your weight loss goals as in the body composition analysis we will measure your weight, body/fat/water mass, BMI (body mass index), BMR (basal metabolic rate), plus more.  We will explain to you what all these numbers mean AND give you tips on what you can do to make positive steps towards losing weight, improving your BMI and more. Before you leave you will repeat the measurements, so you can see the results of your week.

Included will be a 30-minute personal 1:1 activity session with one of the programme team where you can get some one on one time to help you work on an exercise or an area that you would like to see improve. Choose from a fitness session or a yoga-for-weight-loss session.

Relaxation is an integral part of weight loss as the stresses of our modern-day lives can generate higher levels of cortisol in our bodies.  Cortisol can disrupt the hormonal balance and can be a factor in weight gain.  As part of your weight loss bundle, you will receive a 50-minute relaxing massage that uses specific aromatic organic essential oils to help stimulate blood flow.  Massage is a wonderful way to release tension, relax and promote a general feeling of well-being.

Getting active

Get your body moving in our daily guided walks through the lovely local area – into the natural park, along the coast and into the woods. At the same time, it’s important to tone your body, in our daily yoga classes, to gain both strength and flexibility. And there are also 60 minutes of exercise classes every day, which will include rebounding, leg bums and tums, yoga-lates and more.

This year we’re equipping you with some fun and useful La Crisalida branded goodies for you to use during your stay and to take home afterwards.  Included will be a cookery apron for the demos, a baseball cap and a reusable water bottle for your daily walks.  We will also supply a fitness resistance band that you can use in the exercise sessions and work on with the follow-up activities we will provide you as a take-home.

Healthy Eating

We recommend during the week that you juice for at least three days.  We will support you with your juicing and healthy eating by including four healthy supplement shots per day, one at each mealtime.  After three days you can choose to continue to juice or you could swap to eating one plant-based meal a day (click on the links to read more about juicing and food). We strongly recommend that you eat at least one plant-based meal before you leave. We will talk to you about this in your 1:1 session when you arrive at the retreat and our programme team will be available throughout your stay for support.

At the retreat, we offer prebiotic support for your digestive system with natural plant-based food and juices.  The healthy weight loss bundle offers additional support for your overall gut health.  Probiotics help get the good bacteria back in, as stress can often take its toll.  Digestive enzymes that support your gut in the transition from juice to food and help neutralise stomach acid.  Supplement shots that provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals and promote the overall health of the body.


At La Crisalida we believe education is important to create success, so during your week you can also participate in a group cooking demo and a group juicing demo where we give you recipes and tips for cooking plant-based food and making juices at home. You will also have a special workshop which is focused on continuing your healthy eating at home, packed with nutritional information, key foods that are easy to incorporate into your daily cooking and more.  We want you to leave feeling confident that when you return home you can continue in your new healthy lifestyle. There will also be workshops to help with mindset, to create successful thinking about your weight loss goals and life with takeaway tips and actions for you to do at home, to maintain your healthy weight.

Choose your accommodation to suit your personal needs – whether it’s a shared apartment (twin or multi-share), private apartment or your own private bedroom in a shared apartment, it’s your choice.

Returning guest discount health and wellbeing retreat Spain

Save up to 143€ - What’s included in the bundle price?

These healthy weight loss bundles are packed with goodies and activities to support your goals and you save up to €143!

Save 100€ on the healthy weight loss one-week bundle priced at 217€ (value 317€) when you book it at the same time as your accommodation package.  Your bundle includes:

  • Personal session with a member of programme team, within 24 hours of arrival. To include goal setting, how to get the most out of your stay e.g. eating or juicing, weigh in etc.
  • Body composition analysis session within 24 hours of arrival, to assess starting weight, BMR, fat percentage, visceral fat, blood pressure management
  • Personal session with a member of the programme team, up to 24 hours before departure. Follow up body composition analysis to assess weight loss. Take home of what to do when you return home
  • 30 min 1:1 session with programme team choose from a fitness session or yoga for weight loss session
  • 50 min relaxing massage
  • La Crisalida branded goodies including a baseball hat, cooking apron, water bottle and activity resistance band
  • Daily supplements to boost your digestive health include:
    Supplement shots with each meal/juice to support weight loss – 4 per day
    Probiotics (live bacteria) to take daily to help reset your digestive system
    Digestive enzyme tablets to support your gut in the transition from juicing back to food
  • To carry on some of the education at home:
    Some take-home cooking tips and recipes to help you continue with your healthy eating
    The programme team will give you a sheet to take home with you with some supportive questions empowering you to continue on your weight loss goals

Save 143€ on the healthy weight loss two-week bundle priced at 378€ (value 521€) when you book it at the same time as your accommodation package.  Your bundle includes:

  • All the items included in the one-week bundle
  • Mid-stay body composition analysis
  • 1 x additional 30 min 1:1 session with programme team, choose from a fitness session or yoga-for-weight-loss session.
  • 1 x additional 50 min relaxing massage

Please note that accommodation prices are separate to the bundle and your accommodation price includes:

  • Your chosen type of accommodation
  • All juices and/or food, unlimited water and herbal teas
  • A programme of activities (see below)
  • Airport transfers between Alicante and the retreat

Please see below for the total price of your chosen accommodation with the healthy weight loss bundle included.

Enjoy rebounding as part of your detox retreat and weight loss retreat Spain at La Crisalida Retreats

Recommended activity programme during the week

To achieve your best weight loss results we suggest that you participate fully in the activity programme:

  • Daily guided walk (90 or 120 minutes)
  • Minimum 60-minutes of exercise class(es) each day to include rebounding, legs bums and tums, yoga-lates and circuits
  • Minimum 1 life makeover workshop to help with mindset, beliefs and behaviours and goal-setting
  • Daily yoga class (60 or 90 minutes)
  • Nutrition and continuing your healthy eating at home session
  • Group cooking demo
  • Group juicing demo
  • Swimming two or three times in the outdoor heated magnesium pool
  • Any of the other activities on our weekly programme: morning meditation classes, guided visualisation, yoga nidra and creativity classes

At La Crisalida Retreats, our approach is that you can pick and choose your activities from our weekly programme to best suit you but in order to achieve your best weight loss results we recommend that you follow the above guidelines.

It’s important to incorporate some time to rest during the programme so choose your space to relax around one of our two outdoor pools or in the lounge area in your apartment.  You can also book to enjoy any of our fabulous holistic therapies, reiki, Indian head massage and more.  Please ask for availability when you’re here.

Choose to Juice or eat plant-based food

Healthy weight loss package - prices

Choose the accommodation and the duration of stay that you would like from the prices below and the Healthy Weight Loss bundle is included in the price.  For the one-week (7 nights) or two-week bundle (14 nights), you receive all of the inclusions as listed.

Maximise your weight loss results by staying for two weeks.  Choose the 14-night price for your accommodation.

If you wish to extend your stay for a few days, you can book into the retreat a day or two early or stay a few nights longer. Prices are on our standard rates. Speak to one of our receptionists now for a price or see our prices page.

To ensure availability of your healthy weight loss bundle we recommend that you book it in advance with your accommodation.  It may be possible to book your healthy weight loss bundle when you arrive at the retreat.  This is subject to availability.  The at-retreat price of the healthy weight loss bundle is €266 for one week and €448 for two weeks.  (Book in advance rates are €217 and €378 respectively).

The prices below are shown in Euros. Included in the accommodation price are your transfers between Alicante and the retreat. Special terms and conditions apply. Returning guest discount is available on the accommodation element of the price for guests who have visited before. Click here for all terms and conditions.

Shared apartment
Private bedroom
Private apartment
Multi-share apartment
One week including healthy weight loss bundle
Two weeks including healthy weight loss bundle

More information

Common questions and answers about the healthy weight loss bundle and my stay

  • Q.

    Can I stay extra nights?


    Yes, if you want to book extra nights you can. You can choose the 14-night healthy weight loss package and then add that on to your 14-night standard price.  If you just want one or two extra nights then add on one or two additional nights.  (the healthy weight loss package inclusions are on a 7 or 14-night basis only) See more on our prices page.

  • Q.

    How much weight will I lose?


    By juicing and following the programme of activities, many people will lose 1 lb a day (1 kilo over 2 days). Remember, the more you take part in the activities the more likely you will achieve your weight loss goals. Please note, we cannot guarantee any specific weight loss results. Every person is different and their results will vary. Juicing is a great way to kick start weight loss and to introduce some healthy habits so that you can make a longer-term lifestyle change when you return home.

  • Q.

    I only have five nights’ holiday, can I book this package?


    Yes, you can, just book five nights at the standard rate and add on the healthy weight loss bundle.  You will receive all the inclusions for a 7- night period there is no refund for anything not used in the bundle.

  • Q.

    What time should I arrive or leave?


    You can arrive any time of day on any day. We suggest that you arrive by 1pm, so that you have lunch and the whole afternoon. On your day of departure, you can leave at any time. On the day of arrival your room might not be ready until 2pm. On the day of departure, we ask that you leave your room by 11am. We have showering and changing facilities available, so you can participate in the activities until your transfer pick-up.

  • Q.

    Can I book the healthy weight loss bundle when I arrive at the retreat?


    Yes, you can book the at-retreat price of the healthy weight loss bundle but you save more money if you book it in advance at the same time as your accommodation.

  • Q.

    Can I buy the items included in the healthy weight loss bundle individually?


    Yes, you can buy all the items included in the healthy weight loss bundle individually, however, you will only receive the discounts either in the package or the at-retreat price if you buy the whole bundle.

Flexible dates Arrive and depart any day
Arrive and depart on any day of the week

Stay as long as you want at La Crisalida Retreats