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Could your life do with a mini refurbishment or perhaps a complete renovation? Is your life cupboard a little bare or outdated? If you have had enough of feeling stuck or lost, or perhaps become resentful and lost your love of life, then our life makeover retreats are designed for you.

Through our specially designed programme, the core of which are our life makeover workshops, we can help you if you suffer from low self-esteem, have a lack of direction, or want to make longer lasting changes to your life.

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Dissolve stress, find inspiration

Everyone’s life situation is different and our life makeover retreats give you the opportunity to reflect and reassess your life at the practical, emotional and spiritual levels. You can dissolve stress and find inspiration with La Crisalida life makeover retreats, Spain.

If you are looking to make changes at a personal level, La Crisalida offers a supportive, tranquil environment and practical tools to provide you with inspiration to make a new start. We offer group workshops and individual coaching sessions (coaching at extra cost). This is complemented by yoga and meditation which help to release stagnant emotions and calm the mind and our plant-based food and juices which regenerate the body. Sometimes, just changing your environment gives you some space to reconnect with the authentic you and find your inner compass.

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What is a Life Makeover retreat?

The core component for those focussing on the life makeover retreats are the group workshops and personal coaching (personal coaching is available at an additional price). At the retreat, there is time to reflect on where you are right now and also time to dream. If you enjoy journaling, then bring your note book and give yourself the gift of time to write and explore. Sometimes sharing your journey with our mentors or other guests can help you to find courage and strength to make decisions in line with the authentic you.

We typically run two or three intensive life makeover workshops every week, chosen from a range of specially designed workshops. There is also a creativity workshop to explore in a different way! We encourage you to participate in the other activities on offer at the retreat (including the meditation), which are designed to help you to reconnect with yourself and find the inner calmness.

You will leave feeling inspired and ready to bring about real change in your life.

More information

More information about Life Makeover retreats

  • Q.

    I’ve never done anything like this before….


    Many of our guests are experiencing a retreat environment for the first time. The unique environment allows guests the opportunity to reflect on their lives. Many guests find encouragement and support from others at the retreat and take time to work on themselves and a vision for their lives. For many, the retreat environment is a space where they can heal and to move on.

  • Q.

    I am interested in having a session with a life coach, what happens?


    We offer hypnotherapy and NLP intervention techniques as part of the coaching sessions, where appropriate. For more information you can read our life coaching page.

  • Q.

    Will I be expected to share my thoughts and feelings?


    It is up to you how much you share your thoughts, feelings or experiences with our team or other guests. During the workshops we may encourage guests to speak but you are completely free to choose. Sometimes by sharing you gain more clarity on a particular issue that might be bothering you. One of our workshops “rules” is that anyone in a workshop is there to work on themself, not on anyone else! If you wish to speak to anyone in confidence, outside of the workshop, one of our mentors is around the retreat most of the time.

“ For me the place had everything thing I needed to get away and de-stress from life and just chill. There are many things to do... totally puts life in order and what I needed more of. ”

Lilly, July 2019

*Please be aware that we cannot guarantee any specific results as everyone is different and therefore results can vary.

Meditation Detox body mind and spirit
Detox body mind and spirit

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