Relax and rejuvenate retreat

If you have a busy life, with lots of demands on your time, then this is the place for you to relax and rejuvenate. Our relaxation retreat has been designed to help you to release tension and to calm down your mind and body quickly and with ease.

Many guests come for the healthy and relaxed environment and leave with so much more.

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Let go of stress and tension…relax

Many guests arrive feeling stressed out, tired from working in stressful jobs, taking care of family and loved ones, running around trying to do everything and be there for everyone else. Some may choose to take time out for themselves after the loss of a loved one. Your time at La Crisalida Retreats is for you – you can choose what you want to do from our programme of activities. We provide all of your food or juices, to look after your body. Find your welcome from the moment you arrive in our relaxing environment.

Siesta time is an important part of our ‘activity’ programme. We feel it is important to allow the body time to rest. Many guests report that they have had the best sleep in years due to the tranquillity they experience at the retreat. There is also plenty of down time on our relaxation retreat, in between the (optional) activities to sleep, snooze by one of our two pools, read a book (or a few!), snuggle up under your duvet and watch a DVD. Maybe take a walk down to the beach, find a sunbed and be lulled to sleep by the waves washing against the shore. Combine this with a full body massage or other holistic treatment to take your relaxation to the next level.

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What is a relax and rejuvenate retreat?

The focus of these retreats is to combine yoga and meditation to let go of tension and stress held in the mind and body. You can take part in all of our activities, or none, it´s up to you. Yoga is a great way to relax your muscles, deepen your breathing, connect your body, mind and spirit and to find peace within. Maybe you want to try meditation for the first time, or give yourself time to practice every day. We also offer life makeover classes and sometimes writing exercises during your stay, to re-connect with yourself and your priorities, if you want. Our creativity classes are also a popular way to let go of the mind and get back in touch with the inner you. Enjoy our communal dining and Friday night alcohol-free cocktails.

During your stay we provide you with healthy, sustaining food. Our menus are designed to remove all of the items that stress the body – things like alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat – whilst delivering maximum nutrition. You can choose to juice for a few days or for a few meals to allow your digestive system to relax even more.

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Common questions about our relax and rejuvenate retreats

  • Q.

    What types of massage do you offer?


    We offer a wide range of massages and other holistic treatments in our dedicated beauty suite. You can choose from a relaxing massage, through to deep tissue or the even deeper sports massage. You can also enjoy a hot and cold stone massage, the choice is yours. Read more about the treatments on offer, including a link to our current treatment list.

  • Q.

    Do I need to juice to get maximum benefit and relaxation?


    Whether you juice or eat our delicious food, your body will relax from the inside out with our relaxation retreat. Both juicing and eating the food provide good nutrition for your body. Juicing gives your digestive system a rest, which means that energy which would have been used in digesting food, can instead be diverted towards healing and rejuvenating. Our food is cooked with love, and will nourish you. Everyone is different, so have a chat with one of our mentors when you arrive to work out what might suit you the most.

  • Q.

    I have never meditated before, what happens?


    We offer a range of meditation sessions at La Crisalida Retreats. Most days we start with 30-minute meditation, where the instructor will give you a technique to practice that day. We also offer guided visualisations and a yoga nidra, to help you to relax and to connect your body, mind and spirit. Read more on our meditation pages.

“ This trip was just what I needed to unwind after a busy year. I loved the flexibility of the retreat, choosing what I wanted to do, and loving every minute of it! ”

Amanda, July 2019

*Please be aware that we cannot guarantee any specific results as everyone is different and therefore results can vary.

La Crisalida is relaxed and laid back

Pick and choose what you want to do!

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All inclusive

We arrange everything for you: activities, meals, juices, accommodation and airport transfers*

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