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Imagine waking up and practicing your sun salutation on our roof terrace, surrounded by mountains, with the sun rising over the sea and the sound of birds singing all around. You can smell the sea air and feel the freshness of a new morning in the air. This is your yoga retreat in Spain, La Crisalida style.

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Balance, strength, flexibility, peace – body, mind and spirit

If you are looking to find your balance and inner peace, make La Crisalida´s yoga retreats in Spain your choice. We offer a variety of styles and classes of yoga for you to experience and enjoy with high quality experienced teachers. Find relief from stress and tension with the mindfulness and presence inside each class.

The core of your yoga retreat at La Crisalida are the varied yoga classes. Yoga is practiced as often as possible on our yoga terrace with stunning 360 degree views of the mountains surrounding the retreat, and the azure sea sparkling in the distance.  When the weather outside is too hot, cool or windy we practice yoga indoors in our tranquil indoor yoga studio (air-conditioned during summer, heated during winter).

Your retreat can start any day of the week – we run all year around – so you can join in the next yoga class the moment you arrive. Whether you want to stay for a week, 3 days, or two weeks, you can.

To read more about the yoga we offer, including class styles and our teachers, see our yoga activities page.

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What is included in a La Crisalida yoga retreat?

Here at La Crisalida, we provide a complete package for your health and wellbeing.

With our yoga retreats in Spain, you can choose to focus solely on the yoga classes, or take in some walks or meditation sessions too, like our deeply relaxing yoga nidra. There is a 90 minute yoga classes every day. Five days per week we offer a second class (either 60 or 90 minutes). Most days have a morning meditation session. One night each week we offer a truly relaxing yoga nidra – experience a deep connection between body, mind and spirit.

As part of your yoga retreat, you can take part in all of the other activities that we offer at no extra cost. This includes walking, meditation, rebounding, cookery demonstrations and much more. You can also choose to juice, if you want to try a juice detox. It´s your yoga retreat, so you decide. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the sunbeds, and relax by the pool or sea in between yoga classes.

More information

More information about your yoga retreat

  • Q.

    What types of yoga classes do you offer?


    We offer a wide range of classes, from traditional style Hatha classes, to Hatha flow, Vinyasa, Anusara, Kundalini, Restorative and Yin. Each teacher brings their experience to offer you a variety of styles and classes. Read more about the teachers and styles of classes on our yoga page.

  • Q.

    Can I do some of the workshops?


    Even though you may come to practice yoga, you are welcome to join into the life makeover workshops, and any of the activities that we offer.

  • Q.

    Do you supply yoga mats?


    Yes, we have a supply of yoga mats for practicing inside and outside. We also have blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets. All you need to pack are comfortable clothes for practicing in. If you prefer to bring your own yoga mat, then feel free to do so.

  • Q.

    Can I juice during my yoga retreat?


    Yes, a yoga retreat is an ideal time to juice. Juicing allows your body to relax and to cleanse, as does yoga. You can choose to juice for your whole stay, or maybe just have juice for breakfast. Click to read more about juicing at our yoga retreats in Spain.

  • Q.

    Is there time for self-practice?


    Yes, you can make use of the indoor activity room or go onto our lovely yoga terrace any time a class is not scheduled for that space. Please just let reception know.

  • Q.

    Do you have a yoga class every day?


    We offer one 90 minute yoga class every day. Five days per week we offer a second class, either 60 minutes or 90 minutes long – every day is different. You can join in the classes from the time you arrive, to the time you depart. We are open every day of the year so classes run every day.

  • Q.

    Are all my meals included?


    Here at La Crisalida Retreats we offer an all-inclusive package, so all of your meals (or juices) are included in your price, from the moment you arrive until when it is time to leave for home.

“ The quality of yoga classes was outstanding. I´ve done many retreats before - all of your teachers are excellent ”

Emma, April 2019

*Please be aware that we cannot guarantee any specific results as everyone is different and therefore results can vary.

Flexible dates Arrive and depart any day
Arrive and depart on any day of the week

Stay as long as you want at La Crisalida Retreats

Find your balance with daily yoga classes
Find your balance. Yoga everyday.


La Crisalida is the retreat for you!

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